Mustard Seed Game for Sunday School or Family - Advanced (Digital Product)


If you like "Escape" rooms and puzzle or mind games, you'll enjoy this Mustard Seed Game for Sunday School or Families. Five visual mind games will walk gamers through the concepts of growing their faith like a Mustard Seed. The participants solve the answers before moving on to the next challenge.

This game requires a leader (someone not playing the game) to distribute the games and winning coupons at the appropriate times. Instructions are included.

NOTE: This game is printable, and there is NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT shipped upon purchase. The buyer will receive a 7-page PDF file to download and print. Color Ink and high-quality printing is required.

This game is best for at least 2 players.

This Mustard Seed Game is designed to complement our Lessons of a Mustard Seed, but it can be used as a standalone game as well.

There are two versions of this game. The ADVANCED game (this one) was designed with high schoolers in mind and the STANDARD game was designed with late-elementary and middle-schoolers in mind. Please keep in mind the caliber of your players and purchase the proper version accordingly. If your younger players already have the "escape game" mentality, you might choose the ADVANCED version to give them a little more challenge. Would you like the STANDARD version instead? You can find it HERE.

This game was designed to fit into a one-hour Sunday School Lesson along with a short Parable of the Mustard Seed Lesson, so it is not intended to provide an extreme challenge.

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You'll download and print a 7-page color PDF file that includes instructions for the game leader and five mind games for the players.

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Mustard Seed Game for Sunday School or Family - Advanced (Digital Product)

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